SKYLA VAN DER POLS, PRODUCER "Lighting was a key focus in our music video and Jamie lit every set beautifully and efficiently. He is professional, hard-working, and patient. It was great to have him involved in our production, I highly recommend him as a gaffer." 

AYA KAIDO, PRODUCER "Jamie is a passionate and dedicated gaffer. He was very professional both in the lead up to the shoot as well as on set. His knowledge of lights is second to none and his work is meticulous and efficient. He brings a positive attitude to set and is an excellent problem solver. This was my first time working with Jamie and it will definitely not be the last! He is an asset to any team and a joy to work with."

KIRSTY DUA, PRODUCER AT PLASTIC PICTURES "Jamie was a delight to work with and had a very positive attitude. He was proactive in getting the set ready and helped create a great look for our film. We had very limited setup time and Jamie was incredibly professional and worked quickly to ensure we stuck to schedule. I look forward to our next shoot together!"

MATT HOLT, DIRECTOR OF CURVEBALL "Whenever I’m putting a crew together Jamie is one of the first names on the wish list. You won’t find a more positive, friendly, hardworking electrician in the industry. He goes above and beyond and is always seeking to help out everyone around him. A real pleasure to have on set, I would very happily work with the fella for all time. I can’t recommend him highly enough, work with him (as long as it’s not when I want him!), you won’t be disappointed".

JOHNNY SACHON, PRODUCER AT INSPIRED PICTURES "I've worked with Jamie several times now, and he is definitely someone I hope to work with again in the future. Jamie is very much a team player. He thinks ahead, solving potential problems before they occur and is an asset to any production. Always on time, he is reliable and goes the extra mile when committing to a project. His positivity and can do attitude have helped a lot, particularly on the more challenging shoots we've worked on together."

LAUREN HOLLEY, PRODUCER AT HOLLEY LONDON LTD "Jamie was a delight to have on set, a huge asset to our production and a reliable crew member. He really goes above and beyond in order to deliver an efficient and professional service, often anticipating issues before they happen which is a huge help for production. Working with Jamie provided one of the smoothest and least troublesome lighting setups we've ever experienced on set, and for that I can't recommend him highly enough!"

LINDA DUNSCOMBE, PRODUCER OF 'KING OF CRIME' "Jamie is a great addition to any crew. He worked as a ‘spark’ for me on 'Milk and Honey'. His knowledge and cheery disposition is a big asset for any producer or film-maker looking to build a team".

PAULINE LAM, DIRECTOR OF 'CRUMBLE' "I hired Jamie through a professional recommendation and could not have been happier with the service he provided. His attention to detail, initiative and efficiency meant that he was always at the right place with the right equipment before a request was made. His ability to anticipate correctly, with an abundance of energy and a positive attitude made him an essential and integral part of our team and a joy to work with. I and my team certainly look forward to working with Jamie again in the future!"

VIJAY VARU, WRITER & DIRECTOR OF '833' "Jamie is a real down to earth, humble person with a great work ethic, he was always on set early, ready to roll. He is a personable individual with a great sense of humour and always maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the shoot. He got along well with everyone and was a pleasure to work with".

AKO MITCHELL & ZARA PLESSARD, DIRECTOR & PRODUCER OF 'BOX RED' "Working with Jamie was an absolute delight. Our shoot was extremely complicated in terms of lighting, as we shot an entire scene of 8 minutes in one take, in a wide room with high ceilings. This meant the usual lighting options were not possible, and that it had to be creative and clever. Jamie ensured that this happened. His manner was wonderful and professional and we were very lucky to have him on board".

SUNNY BAHIA, FREELANCE PRODUCER & DIRECTOR “Jamie has always been totally committed to all of the productions he has worked on for me. He combines his technical expertise with a flexible and friendly attitude and is a welcome addition to any team.  He has a great understanding of lighting and is adaptable for varied scenarios and is always on hand to offer his valuable opinion as well as working hard to get the job done”.

HEATH McWATERS, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY ON 'THEATRELAND' "I’ve worked with Jamie twice now, once as Gaffer on a music video and then as Additional Gaffer on a short film. On both occasions Jamie performed to a high standard and was fast and efficient setting up the lighting. Jamie got on great with the crew and I believe he would be an asset to any production".

OWEN RHYS DAVIES, DIRECTOR OF SCHOLASTIC UK CORPORATE SHOOT "I had briefly worked with Jamie on a few shoots in the past and knew that his skill set was perfect for a shoot I was directing with Scholastic UK. My faith in Jamie paid off as the film we created was great and my client was extremely happy with the final product. Jamie was very professional throughout, understood what I wanted and also gave suggestions to help make the film even better. I will be working with Jamie again in the future.

LUKE ARMSTRONG, DIRECTOR OF 'SHADOWS' "I called on Jamie again having worked with him once previously on a project to act as gaffer for us on Shadows. This time around the project was much bigger, shooting on both the Red Epic and Red MX, with a lot of lights and gear to manage. Jamie was awesome to have around on set - a positive influence on me & the crew, very dependable and did a great job rigging lights on a complicated set piece in a nightclub. Will definitely work with him again!"

SUKI MOK, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY ON 'HUSH' "Jamie is a very capable, professional and friendly chap to work with. He was the gaffer on a short film production that was location and studio based. He was very attentive and has a good knowledge of lighting and grip. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for future projects".

SINAN OZCIVI, PRODUCER OF 'TWISTED SOBRIETY' "Jamie came onboard our project at last minutes notice. He joined our other Gaffers and fit in instantly. The whole crew loved him and he knew exactly what he was doing when asked by our Director and DoP. We will definitely be using him again if he is available. A great guy to work with and above all, very clued up."

ALICE LEE, PRODUCER OF 'HUSH' "Jamie was a joy to work with on our short film 'Hush'. He was professional and easy going. I look forward to having another opportunity to work with him in the future."

MARC SHUTTLE, CREATIVE EXECUTIVE AT NWA FIGHT! NATION: "Jamie is the first man I call whenever I need a Camera Operator. He has an eye for great shots, tied in with a solid understanding of both the camera and lighting technologies in front of him. Myself and Jamie first met when I was a production assistant for Wrestle Talk TV, and we've been fortunate enough to work together for a number of companies including IPW:UK and NWA Fight! Nation since then. Over the course of time I've learnt a whole lot from Jamie, and I can honestly say that I would not be half as skilled as I am today without the help and advice of this man, and I continue to learn something new every time we work together. Any production would benefit greatly from having Jamie onboard - his years of experience, honesty, and willingness to share his knowledge make him a true asset. I wish him all the best with his continued success, and look forward to working alongside Jamie again."

SCOTT LYUS, DIRECTOR OF 'SUPERNOVA': "I really enjoyed working with you, having you on set and your input regarding the film. I am never one to shy away from ideas on a scene and I liked the way you brought ideas forward and always wanted my opinion. I feel, as I hope you do that we made a good team and together I feel we have produced something that looks amazing. When it came to lighting a scene you took everything I said and made it work, gave me exactly what I wanted and in some cases even made it better than I pictured. For this reason I would love to work with you again and bring you onto my next picture as my Lighting Technician. My idea was to build a team, and I can honestly say that if you want it the role is yours for the taking."

JEREMY CHOPRA, DIRECTOR OF CASCADE PICTURES: "On a number of occasions when I’ve been hired, separate to film music videos for clients Jamie has been invaluable to the shoot as a Camera Operator. All in all I’ve worked with him more than a dozen times on professional shoots and not once has he let me down. I have always found him to be honest, hard working, trustworthy and very punctual. He has always tried his best on set and I never once had cause for complaint regarding his work ethic or helpfulness in even very difficult shooting circumstances. He has the abilities to think on his feet, take direction well and has a good nature and way about him when dealing with clients so can be utilized well. As a camera operator he is still learning the technical challenges that come with the constant and rapid changes of the field but he retains a good eye for framing especially in ‘live’ shoots where he can think fast to film without direction, but if directed will get the shots needed to specifics also." 

PATRICK LENNON, PRODUCER OF WRESTLE TALK TV: "I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie every other week for a year on the Wrestletalk TV project, currently airing in it's second series on Challenge TV. I am the Executive Producer and Co-Presenter of the show so I can offer a perspective on Jamie's contribution from both sides of the camera. I am also a national newspaper and broadcast journalist of fifteen years experience. Jamie is punctual, committed and organised in his work. He is honest, hard working and trustworthy - overall a very reliable and therefore key member of the team, which is all one can ask for working to tight budgets and tight deadlines. Jamie has learned a lot during the lifespan of our project to date, and continues to grow and evolve as a Camera and Lighting technician and Operator. He shows a willingness to learn and take on new concepts, takes direction well and adapts swiftly to new challenges without a fuss. On top of that Jamie is polite, well-spoken and helpful in his demeanour. I have no doubt he would make a valuable member of any filming team at broadcast level."

IAN WOODWARD, PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR OF 'THE RED ROSE': "Thank you for working as a Gaffer on my fantasy film 'The Red Rose'. It was such a pleasure to be associated with you in the scenes where your expertise was especially needed, not least in the green-screen filming and in the film’s big, climactic wedding scene. Your diligence, patience and attention to detail was every bit as commendable as your capacity to keep to a tight schedule where this was paramount. I very much look forward to working with you again on my next film"

GAVIN L. FRY, PRODUCER AT INFINITE PICTURES: "I had the pleasure of working with Jamie on a water based music video. He was punctual, polite, friendly and very hard working. The shoot was time pressured and high end in production values and Jamie's work with the lighting was impeccable. We really hope to work with Jamie many more times and would recommend him for any shoot."

MICHAEL JAMES DEAN, CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF POSH DINOSAUR PRODUCTIONS: "I had worked with Jamie on a previous film; he was the lighting designer for the production. After witnessing his work on set when it came to employing my own Lighting Designer the decision was simple Jamie Montgomery was my guy. On set Jamie turned up to work with exactly the attitude I wanted, he was dedicated, punctual and exuded a high level of professionalism. Even though it was a small shoot and lighting was minimal Jamie worked as hard as everyone else on set. It is clear he has a strong passion for film and it shines through on screen. Jamie was a joy to work with: fun, passionate, professional and talented, he ensures that even when energy is low, morale remains high. An essential part of the team and an asset to any film crew. I would not hesitate to work with him again". 

LUKE ARMSTRONG, DIRECTOR OF 'THE HARVEY IMPERATIVE': "We were fortunate enough to bag Jamie as our Gaffer on a recent shoot on the Red MX. It was a small crew, and our DoP was used to depending quite heavily his Gaffer and assistants, being used to working with a regular collaborator. Jamie was more than up to the challenge though and pulled it out of the bag, creating some beautiful lighting setups for us with the small kit we had available - soft boxes, floods, redheads, practicals plus some bounce. His attitude is amazing - he was always there to help and get stuck in even when it was not his job and the going got tough - at one point outside moving kit in the rain in mid October. He’s easy to get on with, self motivated and a real team player. After the two day shoot, the crew and producers kept mentioning how good he was - I think this really sums up his personality. I’d love to work with him again".

CHELSEY BURDON, DIRECTOR OF 'SHE': "Jamie was a delight to have on set, willing and able to take on anything and everything that was required of him and most importantly, getting involved with the rest of the crew, asking questions, and offering to help in any way that he could. Even when this meant holding an umbrella over a light in the rain whilst we shot inside.I would certainly recommend Jamie to any Producer or Director looking for a Gaffer and think that he is the type to develop and improve with every experience".

DIANNE THOMAS, DIRECTOR OF 'MARGARET SINCLAIR: AN ORDINARY GIRL': "I can highly recommend Jamie to work with you on your film set. He is a wonderful person and was very instrumental in assisting our team as we filmed a 1920's period short film, Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl. Thanks Jamie for being so supportive to our team".

ALEXANDER OSMAN, DIRECTOR OF 'BENEATH THE SURFACE': "Jamie was a great asset on my recent shoot. Nothing was too much trouble and he collaborated really well with the DP. All our lighting went up quickly and looked great!”.

ALISON JEFFERIES, PRODUCER AT HYNESIGHT FILMS: "Jamie is a lovely guy to work with, he follows instruction well and is a very hard worker. He did a great job for us on a short horror film as a Gaffer".

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