Feature Film: Together - Spark

Feature Film: King of Crime - Spark

Short Film: The Service - Gaffer

Short Film: Hush - Gaffer

Short Film: Beneath the Surface - Gaffer

Music Video: Dodie/In The Middle - Gaffer

Music Video: Navin Kundra/Tear It Up - Gaffer

Music Video: Nigel Thomas/Fever - Gaffer

Music Video: Tanya Seifert feat.Eek/Siren - Best Boy

Corporate: Games Workshop - Spark

Corporate: Amazon EU - Gaffer 

Feature Film: Fox Trap - Gaffer

Short Film: Shadows - Spark

Short Film: The Harvey Imperative  - Gaffer

Short Film: Animus - Gaffer

Short Film: Tiebreaker - Spark

Music Video: Michael Malarkey/Mongrels - Gaffer

Music Video: Kid Kapichi/Waster - Gaffer

Music Video: Harper/White Lies - Gaffer

Music Video: Gabz/Holiday In Brazil - Spark

Corporate: Universal - Jax Jones/Logitech - Spark

Corporate: Tapi Carpets - Spark

Corporate: Yupi - Gaffer