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Anna (Kidnapper)

Director: Kaichi Sato

“Anna” is a tribute and homage to old movies of the 60’s, a sophisticated cartoon with trendy visual effects.

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Europe In A Tuk Tuk

Director: William Shears

Callum has just 3 months to drive a tuk-tuk through 28 European countries. Its passengers find themselves facing obscure challenges, while their Indian, three-wheeled taxi adapts to the vast landscapes of an entire continent.


Director: Ethan McDowell

lúbtha is a short film inspired by true events and follows the story of a teenager dealing with his sexuality whilst having to grow up in early 90s Northern Ireland.


The Liar

Director: Jack Salvadori

1963. As the swinging cultural revolution is flourishing in London, a shadow of paranoia is casted on a tiny, English town. Roy, the village fool, is not only convinced that Adolf Hitler is still alive, but also that he is running the local bakery. How much should his obsessive suspicions be trusted, and what is he willing to do to prove his identity?

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2019 Programme


It starts with
Director: Laura Nasir-Tamara


Director: Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser

Anna (Kidnapper)

Director: Kaichi Sato

A Bit of This & A Bit of That

Director: Jake Gill, Liam Steers, Alexander Deniston, Elizabeth Ratcliffe

Reality of Life

Director: Kadio Nguessan Jean

Europe In A Tuk Tuk

Director: William Shears



Director: Lucy Rose
Two Words

Director: Jesper Emborg

Ipler (The Yarn)

Director: Gokce Pehlivanoglu


Director: Ethan McDowell


Chaos Toad

Director: Carlos Lopes

Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite!

Director: Riley Wong


Director: Ricky J Payne

The Liar

Director: Jack Salvadori

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